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On a hill overlooking the sea, we are creating a singing monument on the island of Lolland.  It will be a monument that will give everyone from near and far an experience of greatness, closeness and beauty, of time’s migrations and settlements. It will express pride and humbleness, times gone by, the present, and, importantly, time coming.


The DODECALITH (Greek: The Twelve-Stone) consists of twelve menhirs, each 7-8 metres high, of which the uppermost 2 metres will be sculpted as heads, all facing inwards towards the centre of a circle approximately 30 metres in diameter.
The stone figures will stand on invisible foundations and they will sing!
Under a circle of natural sitting stones, a 12 channel sound system will be installed. This system will allow spatial electro acoustic song and music – specially created for The DODECALITH – to sound inside the circle at intervals every day, all year round.


Legends, stories and songs of the LOLERS, a people who came to this land long ago and who gave it its name, form the background for a highly contemporary story of cooperation between different arts and the local community. The monument shows us the Lolers’ and our own background to be a democratic community whose original form was dialogue, where being together was expressed in song, and where awareness of times gone by was shown as respect for the ancestors who came from afar, from the land to the south where the waters rose 7,500 years ago and sent the Lolers on their long journey.
Some of them settled on the island we now call Lolland, and everywhere there is evidence of the rich culture they left behind wherever they went. Along the coast from Ravnsholt to Ravnsby alone, over 70 burial mounds have survived, several of which are passage graves.


Around the farm “Ellevehøj” (“Eleven Mounds”) there are now only four mounds left, the passage grave “Glentehøj” (“Kite Mound”), and three tumuli. It is here we are re-erecting the Ring of the Lolers, The DODECALITH, to let the new Lolers’ ancestors sing.