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We are creating a work of art that will also be a cultural meeting place. In many other places, here and abroad, there tend to be houses of culture that are so expensive to build and run that there can be little money left for the artists and the art they are intended to house.


The DODECALITH will be a spectacular scene under open skies where the daily electro acoustic music is supplemented by various annual theatrical and musical events, preferably in close cooperation with other visionary cultural institutions such as “Lys Over Lolland” (“Light Over Lolland”).


Since 1997, “Light Over Lolland”, with Susanne Grue Jørgensen in charge, has created many artistic events and exhibitions. These include art, concerts, indoor and outdoor theatre, opera and ballet of international standard and participants from many countries. “Light Over Lolland” has been held at various locations: Reventlow Park/Pederstrup, Saxkjøbing Sugar Factory, Fuglsang, Oreby Castle, The Open Air Museum in Maribo, Rødbyhavn and Holeby Paper Factory.

With considerable local support and funding, initially from Storstroem County, followed by funding from the Ministry of Culture in particular, the number of visiting public has risen each year. ”Light Over Lolland” has drawn considerable international attention, but even before 1997, Lolland had many big outdoor artistic events: The ballet of the cranes in Nakskov in 1989, “Halmiaden” - a huge straw sculpture festival at the “Green Centre” in Holeby in 1991, popular local plays at Sølvbjerghøj and Kramnitze 1994-97, and last but not least, “The Swan Song” on the dike at Langø in 1996, where several thousand people had an unforgettable experience under Lolland’s expansive skies.


In the future, The DODECALITH will be the location of folk festivities with a difference, like the Solstice celebration at midsummer where we need a life loving event to replace the widely used tradition of burning a witch. New regional plays, operas, dance performances and musical events with a difference, are also a part of the time coming.